New Instructional Designer Instructions

UAF eCampus New Instructional Designer Manual

“Who to ask” guide

Welcome to UAF eCampus & Distance Education Instructional Design Team. Since you are new, we hope that the list below can help you with some of your questions (of which we are sure you have many):

Whom to contact for what:

General office matters:

  • Donna Oyen (Office Manager) for any info about timesheets and travel; ordering general office supplies like pens or paper.
  • Jennifer Young  purchasing requests and purchasing
  • Brant (Information Systems wizard) for your security codes; access to server (Orion) and other accounts; any computer hardware and software problems and acquisitions; computer set-up; help with conference room hardware/software; phone for your desk, Sales Force (procurement system as well as student tracking system); desktop support for staff, faculty, and students, equipment loans to faculty.

Instructional Design support functions:

  • Owen Guthrie Associate Director of Programs, program development, Quality Matters (QM), courses in general, K-12, anything related to courses or programs you are helping to design, develop or revise.
    • Barb Paskvan if you need to know about course schedules or student enrollments. Barb also enters new courses in Airtable. Airtable is the all-in-one flexible database used by eCampus.
    • Jessica Armstrong student recruiter
    • Marissa Carl – marketing and promotion
  • Tim Stickel – student services manager for student-related issues
    • Kim Runnion if you need to know the numbers for student enrollments, questions about registration or anything banner-related or anything about how eCampus works, Kim is a long-time eLearner.
    • Faith Fleagle is the student success coordinator and works to support students
    • Brighton Brooks is our academic advisor
    • Sarah Patterson & Kelly Boswood are our front desk folks and handle incoming calls and students, faculty, or others that enter our physical domain.

Design Team
Chris Lott is the Design Team super-supervisor

  • Madara Mason – Faculty Development Coordinator –  iTeach training and faculty development planning
  • Heidi Olson – Learning Design Coordinator – Course development process and assignments and Open Labs
  • Christen Bouffard – anything and everything, including virtual worlds, interactive video, geography and maps, graphic design, web site architecture and navigation, Adobe, ball-crazy dogs, jewelry master
  • Sean Holland – video and audio, nerd stuff
  • Tina Johnson anything about Blackboard, creating course dev shells, preflight checks.
  • Dan Lasota – WordPress programming, programming, games, site, pedagogy and research, master of bizarre facts
  • Janene McMahan  – Trac management system (phasing out); website programming, eCampus website
  • Jennifer Moss  – graphic design, Adobe, WordPress programming/admin (,,  web design, augmented reality, beekeeping, cats, ukulele
  • Karina Gonzales anything that faculty need that is outside the actual development of a course (like training with UAonline, how to withdraw someone, and other classroom management things while a course is being offered). Karina sends out semester update form and coordinates with new-to-eCampus instructors. She promotes fac dev events and communicates faculty-related information. Karina also coordinates textbook orders between instructors and the bookstore.
  • Joe Jackson  is our Studio Media Production Designer – all things media studio and video
  • Buck Barbieri and Joe Yates and Mika McCrary Media Studio Producers (students)

Full UAF eCampus  Staff Directory

eCampus phone/email list (printable)