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UAF eCampus New Instructional Designer Manual

Creating WordPress Sites

Due to the nature of WordPress engine mechanics and the UA Single Sign On (SSO), methods, creating a WordPress site on can result in a bit of frustration for the people who will be using the site.

Because WordPress has the behavior of creating at least one user for each blog, it will sometimes use the supplied and intended admin email you give and attach it to a user called sitename. (Sitename being whatever you call the new site). For the person who actually will be using the new site, sitename, this won’t work. The reason? Folks now need to login with their UA Username, but that will in all likelihood not be the same as sitename.

Creating a new WordPress site following the steps below is a better practice, and no one gets hurt:

  1. Visit (or get there from Sites > Add New).
  2. Under the Admin Email, enter your own, official UA username email. (In my case it would be
  3. Visit the Dashboard of the new site, create another admin user, with the username being their official UA username. Deselect the checkbox that sends the user a new email. Just give them the login url: or point them to the Login link that is located in nearly every theme for new sites.
  4. Optionally demote yourself from Admin, turning your user for that site into an Editor (or whatever, something lower than Admin), you can then delete yourself from the website.