New Instructional Designer Instructions

UAF eCampus New Instructional Designer Manual

Instructional Design


The UAF eCampus Instructional Design Team has created a customized course development framework based on available and evolving research, including the Teaching for Understanding pedagogy and process developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Understanding by Design development framework. The UAF eCampus Course Development Rubric and the derived Development Checklist are modeled partially after the nationally recognized Quality Matters project materials.
Important aspects of the development framework include:

  • “Reverse Engineering’ from outcomes to activities by way of evidence-based assessment of understanding, turning the process away from disconnected activities that are not coherently tied to learning objectives
  • Development emphasis on:
    • Learning community within the classroom
    • Facilitating the three vectors of interaction between student, instructor and curriculum
    • Integrating place-based knowledge, information and activities
    • Creating activities that bring the “real world’ and media into the classroom
    • Providing access to–and practices for working within–socially networked environments, inside the classroom and out
  • A foundation for online courses that promotes “Information Fluency’–the combination of:
    • discipline/course specific information and resources
    • application of critical thinking skills and techniques
    • presentation and participation tools and skills
  • Consideration of how activities and materials promote development of the students’ Personal Learning Environments (PLE)


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