New Instructional Designer Instructions

UAF eCampus New Instructional Designer Manual

General Office Procedures

Purchasing Request

A PR form has to be completed and be approved prior to any purchases being made (equipment, office supplies, software, printing, books, etc). We are using Sales Force as our PR generator and for approval process. Get with Brant to access Sales Force. Get with Jennifer Young for a tutorial on how to use the PR system. When you submit a PR it automatically goes up the chain for approval. If you don’t hear an approval within a few days, check with Madara. When the purchase gets approved, Jennifer will notify you and make the purchase for you or give you the card to make the purchase. When you receive the order confirmation receipt and again when the item arrives, add the receipt and packing slip documents to Sales Force.


  1. Just as with purchasing, any travel has to be approved first. Complete the travel information in our Travel Request document (in Design Team Drive in IDT Administrative folder).  Directions for completing the form are within the document. Be sure to include a link to the conference agenda and clear justification of why this is important to you/beneficial to the team.
  2. Notified Madara by email when you’ve filled out a request.
  3. When it has been approved, create the PR for conference fees.
  4. Once it is approved work with Donna  to make airline reservations and purchase your airplane ticket (through Concur). Other expenses may either be paid up front by the office or reimbursed to you once the travel is completed (mostly pertains to items that can’t be prepaid like per diem or taxi/transportation). Be sure to let Donna know which items you’d like eCampus to pay for in advance.
  5. IMPORTANT: While you are traveling, save all car rental, hotel, parking receipts so you can be reimbursed for them after you get back. In most cases, you’ll be given a set per diem rate for the community you are visiting so it isn’t necessary to save meal receipts. If the conference provides any meals as part of the registration fee, you won’t be given per diem for that meal.
  6. Once you return from your trip, finalize your expense report in with Donna to receive any kind of reimbursement.
  7. You can set-up a Direct Deposit service for travel reimbursing through your UAOnline account. After logging in -> Financial Information -> Direct Deposit Services -> First time setup of direct deposit. IMPORTANT: this Direct Deposit service is DIFFERENT than one you have set up for your PAYCHECK when you were hired.

UAF Travel regulations and Per Diem rates.

Official Leave Requests (“Stuff that Goes on Your Timesheet”)  

  1. Submit your AL (annual leave) requests to Madara.
  2. Supervisors will reply back to you and cc: Donna. “Approved” for AL or “Noted” for SL.
  3. Donna will add LEAVE to the office leave calendar.
  4. Mark your own personal calendar.
  5. Your email subject line should be “Leave” and the text should include:
    • Type of Leave (AL, SL, Personal)
    • Date(s) or Time (if partial day)
For annual leave, giving us as much warning and planning around critical times of year is important. Also note that despite this flexibility, annual leave approval is at the discretion of an employee’s immediate supervisor.
What if I’m working a lot of extra or weird hours and I don’t feel it needs to go on a timesheet? 
Just send a note to  Madara and mark your calendar. Don’t use the word “Leave” in cases like this. But somehow mark your calendar that you won’t be in the office.

Off Site (OS) Time

See eCampus OS guidelines and eCampus  OS Request form. (These forms require log-in to view.) We revisit OS days at the beginning of each semester so that Designers have an opportunity to change things if needed. The day you choose will be your OS day until the following semester. Working OS is not required, BTW, only optional.

Full Day OS Policies

  • NO switching, if something prevents you from being OS then you’re out of luck.
  • Your OS work time must fall within normal business hours (somewhere between 7am and 6 pm)
  • You are accountable for your worktime, meaning that you must attend meetings (remotely), meet deadlines, and produce or contribute normally.
  • You MUST BE AVAILABLE on Google Chat (Hangouts)/Slack or your OS time gets revoked. Your *green light MUST be on for the entire day and you should respond to any Design Team chats in a reasonable time frame. We will be checking in without warning on this issue and will be using a “two strikes and you’re out” rule of thumb. Alternatively, you may make yourself available via the Double, but please make sure that it isn’t being used for remote Open Lab attendance first.
*Special Note: Unless you are having a rare moment of scheduled “focus time” that has been prearranged or unless you’re in a meeting, your green light should be on at all times even when you are in the office. Should Owen or other supervisors want to chat with any of you while you are off site and they find that you’re unavailable, they will most certainly ask Madara where you are and why you’re not responding… this is bad.

 Ordering Food for Faculty Development Events

We now have a collective account with Chartwells (food on campus). The login information is in our Shared Accounts document in Google Drive
If you have been assigned as lead to a Workshop, Faculty on TAP, or other small event and you need to order less than $200 worth of food and drink you should:
1. Talk to Madara verbally to make sure she knows about the event.
2. Fill out a REP Allowance Form and have Jennifer Young sign it. Your name and email go under “Preparer” and “Filing” on the first screen. Jennifer Young is the “Fiscal Authority.” On the actual form the fund and org accounts should be 103010 / 60526 for nearly all of our fac dev activities. 
3. ISalesForce, put in a PR and attach the REP form. Submit for approval.
4. Order the food (preferably more than 24 hours in advance). The credit card you will need to use should be on file in the Chartwell account. 
5. Speak with Toni Shover ( who is the Catering Manager (907.474.6820) if you have questions and want to confirm the order or if you have questions. 
6. Attach the receipt to your PR in Sales Force. 
If it’s a larger event such as iTeach or will cost more than $200, speak with Madara first as the process may vary. 

Emergency Plan (evacuating the building)

In case of emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) where the fire alarm goes off and/or the Bunnell Building is evacuated, eCampus staff (as well as visiting faculty) will exit at their nearest possible exit to ground level (front or back door). Staff should not use stairs during an emergency. Staff will proceed to the grassy area away from the building/across the parking lot and directly across from our office. eCampus staff will then follow these procedures:
1) An accounting of all staff will occur once the building is vacated.
2) Supervisors will account for all staff at the emergency congregating location. Names and last known location of staff unaccounted for will be communicated with emergency personnel.
3) Staff cannot return to the office until an all clear is provided by emergency personnel.
If temperatures are too low to remain outside for extended periods, once staff are accounted for, they can proceed to the back entrance of the ELIF building (not through the Bunnell hallway). If the Bunnell building is expected to be offline for more than 2-3 hours, the Director can determine when staff should return to the office.
IF STUDENT’S ARE TESTING: Depending on the nature of the emergency, proctors will ask computer testers to leave their Bb session up and exit the building to the ground level. Proctors can collect paper exams from students as they exit the Exam Center and eCampus to the ground level.

Misc Forms